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What is Happening in Costa Rica.

Hello From Orchard del Sol & The Pepper Lady

If you have been checking back to this site you can see that I have not been very good at adding new content nor providing information on what is happening.

2017 –  An early harvest brought on by hot weather.  Thanks to the hard work of Ramon and his family we harvested the largest harvest to date.

Producing 700 kilograms of quality Costa Rica Black Gold Peppercorns.

A big thank you to Ramon and Eduardo for the hard work they put in throughout the year tending the orchard.  Trees need to be pruned and our organic fertilizers applied.  The well manicured farm has a reputation among the locals.

Once again it looks like we will have a great harvest in 2018.

May 2017 has found a great amount of rain fall with over 68 inches recorded in some areas and a record.

Our invitation to those travelling in our area, please stop in for a visit.

Vanilla.  I have a nice little crop of vanilla beans maturing while I am back in Canada.  During a one hour session I found 58 flowers to pollinate during this seasons flowering stage.  I could not find 2 more to make it the 60.

My work from 2016 paid off and I cured a couple hundred vanilla beans.  I get asked “Are they for sale”?  I can reply with a positive yes.  Contact me if you are interested.

Nothing remains the same and the same is true for us at the Orchard.  We have had inquiries from interested property investors.  One day it will happen.  Not all at once I am sure but in increments.

Once again if you get the opportunity please stop and visit.  Those valiant pepper vines will be nearing 20 years.  They are so beautiful.

Look forward to sharing.

Carole Thomas, The Pepper Lady, June 2017